The main objectives of our working group:

  • Making historical sources more accessible
  • Making available accurate, reliable family data
  • Protecting the old registers

Our working group has now transferred more than 30 parish records into a database. More than 200 000 deeds, complete with all additional data and comments are in our database.

The old parish records have been carefully edited by a team of experienced experts. All deeds have been dissected, translated and meticulously transferred into a database. Our databases contain all genealogical data from when the parish registers began until 1900. The printing of these data turns the old registers into a coherent and useful whole.

The notes preceding the database printout describe the basic documents and clarify the features and limitations of the processing. When arranging the baptismal records, an effort was made to achieve a form of family reconstruction. Children from the same family with a slight difference in the surname have been printed one after the other.

We make books, prints from a complete database. We do not make clappers but real, complete and accurate editions. With our editing, you get more out of parish records than can be extracted even by an experienced genealogist. In compiling our edited parish records, we have tried to reproduce the original data as accurately and completely as possible while respecting the original. No data, however insignificant, has been lost. All data have been reproduced with painful precision and exactly as they were recorded in the original registers. No non-original data has been added except in the notes.

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